Dare County Republican Party | 2018 Election Voter Information
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Federal Candidates

United States House of Representatives

Walter Jones

Walter Jones (incumbent)

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Dare County Candidates

State Senate, District 1

State Senate 1

Bob Steinburg

State House of Representatives, District 6

State House of Representatives, District 6

Bobby Hanig

District Attorney, District 1

R. Andrew Womble

R. Andrew Womble   (incumbent)

Board of Commissioners, District 1

Jim Tobin

Jim Tobin   (incumbent)

Board of Commissioners, District 2

Rob Ross

Rob Ross   (incumbent)

Board of Commissioners, District 5 At-Large

Anne Petera

Board of Education District 1

Board of Education District 1

Frank Hester

Board of Education District 2

Joe Tauber

Clerk of the Superior Court

Dean Tolson

Dean Tolson   (incumbent)

Register of Deeds

Cheryl House

Cheryl House


Doug Doughtie

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North Carolina State Court Judges

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice

Judge Barbara Ann Jackson

Judge Barbara Ann Jackson (incumbent)

Court of Appeals Seat 1

Andrew Taube Heath

Andrew Taube Heath (Arrowood Seat)

Court of Appeals Seat 2

Jefferson Glenn Griffin

Jefferson Glenn Griffin (Calabria Seat)

Court of Appeals Seat 3

Sidney Chuck Kitchen

Sidney Chuck Kitchen (Elmore Seat)

Superior Court District 1 Seat 2

Jerry Reginald Tillett

Jerry Reginald Tillett (Tillett Seat)

District Court District 1 Seat 3

Meader Williams Harriss III

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